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We are grateful for our supporters, who through their donations make it possible to continue our mission of finding a cure for RCDP. Donations support RCDP research programs, and a yearly conference where families learn about RCDP and discover ways to improve the quality of life for their child. Without our supporters, these things would not be possible

Hope for Rhizo Kids

What an amazing video and story by The New York Times!

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A Parent Friendly Description.

A Parent Friendly Description.

Written by Mary Ellis, mom to Ian Ellis and founder of Rhizokids International.

This is an explanation of RCDP that your doctor will understand.

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A Doctor Friendly Description

A Doctor Friendly Description.

Written by Dr. Nancy Braverman -McGill University.

This is an explanation of RCDP that your doctor will understand.

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RhizoKids International is sponsoring a registry of individuals with Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata (RCDP). The purpose of this registry is to learn more about RCDP and how to predict and treat medical issues that arise as a result.

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Ohio Chapter

RhizoKids Ohio chapter was founded in 2008 by Mindy Cirner and Jeff Cirner the proud parents of Jake and Jordyn Cirner who both are affected with RCDP Type 2.
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